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8087 Shema` {sheh'-mah}

08088 同; 阳性专有名词 人名
AV - Shema 5; 5
示玛 = "听闻"
1) 流便人约珥的儿子, 亚撒的父亲, 比拉的祖父( 代上5:8 )
2) 犹大人希伯仑的儿子, 拉含的父亲( 代上2:43-44 )
3) 便雅悯人以利巴力的儿子, 和其兄弟比利亚同为亚雅仑居民的族长,
他们曾驱逐了迦特的居民 ( 代上8:13 )
4) 当以斯拉对民宣读律法时, 站在其右边的一位以色列人( 尼8:4 )
08087 Shema` {sheh'-mah}
for the same as 08088;
AV - Shema 5; 5
Shema = "hear"
n pr m
1) a Reubenite, son of Joel, father of Azaz, and grandfather of Bela
2) a Judaite, son of Hebron and father of Raham
3) a Benjamite, son of Elpaal who along with his brother Beriah were
heads of their fathers houses in Aijalon and who drove out the
inhabitants of Gath. Probably the same as 'Shimhi'
4) an Israelite who stood on the right hand of Ezra as he read the
Law to the people

Transliterated: Shema`
Phonetic: sheh'-mah

Text: for the same as 8088; Shema, the name of a place in Palestine and of four Israelites:

KJV --Shema.

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