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1544 ekballo {ek-bal'-lo}
源于 1537906; TDNT - 1:527,91; 动词
AV - cast out 45, cast 11, bring forth 3, pull out 3, send forth 3,
misc 17; 82
1) 逐出, 赶出
2) 送走, 送出, 放出, 带出
3) 移除
4) 罔顾 ( 启11:2 )
5) 使之发生 ( 太12:20 )
01544 ἐκβάλλω 动词
未ἐκβαλῶ;2不定式ἐξέβαλον;过完ἐκβεβλήκειν 可16:9 ;1不定式被ἐξεβλή&θην;1未ἐκβληθήσομαι。
一、「赶出驱离」,字义:多少带著暴力的丢出。带τινά某人( 创3:24 等) 太21:12 可1:12 或许也作此解,参 创3:24 及见二; 创11:15 路19:45 路20:12 。被动- 太9:25 。带τινὰ或τὶ ἔκ τινος( 出6:1 民22:6 等) 约2:15 。ἀπό τινος( 出23:31 民22:11 代下11:16徒13:50 。ἔξω τινός某物( 利14:40 ):葡萄园, 太21:39 可12:8 路20:15 ;城市, 路4:29 徒7:58 ;ἐ. ἔξω(缺详述如 代下29:16约6:37 约9:34,35 (见下); 徒9:40 。被动- 路13:28 约12:31 。带指定目的地:ἐ. εἴς τι将某人赶到某处( 申29:27 代下29:16 耶22:28 )-赶到外面黑暗里去, 太8:12 太22:13 太25:30 。关身:抛某物入海以救自己, 徒27:38 。喻意:ἐ. τὸ ὄνομα弃掉名, 路6:22 。特别用来指赶出附著于人身上之污鬼, 太9:34 太10:1,8 太12:26 太17:19 可1:34,39,43 可3:15,23 可6:13 可7:26 (ἔκ τινος); 可9:18,28 可16:9 (παρά τινος); 路9:40 路11:14 路13:32 。注明方法:τῷ σῷ ὀνόματι奉你的名, 太7:22 。λόγῳ话, 太8:16 。或ἔν τινι靠某人或某物,靠著鬼王, 太9:34 可3:22 ;靠别西卜, 太12:24,27 路11:15,18,19 ;奉耶稣的名, 可9:38 可16:17 路9:49 ;靠著神的能力, 路11:20 ;参 路11:19 。把某人驱逐出团体,断绝某人之关系:使女, 加4:30创21:10 );妻子( 利21:7 箴18:22 上);ἐκ τ. ἐκκλησίας ἐ.赶出教会, 约叁1:10 。上项已提及之经节 约9:34,35 可能亦属此项,因为约翰喜爱使用多重意义的表达,这里兼含这些意义:赶出讲堂及赶出会堂。

二、未具暴力之含意:差派工人, 太9:38;路10:2 ;放出雅2:25释放徒16:37领出可1:12 (但见一);领出羊群, 约10:4

三、从某物中「取出拿去」,刺或梁木,ἐκ τ. ὀφθαλμοῦ 眼睛, 太7:4,5 路6:42取出τὶ某物:ἐκ τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ θησαυροῦ ἐ. ἀγαθά 所存的善(善的宝藏)发出善来, 太12:35 太13:52 ;拿出银子, 路10:35 。指将一只眼睛取及丢可9:47 。用于由体内推出不消化之物, 太15:17 。两处特别的用法: τὴν αὐλὴν τὴν ἔξωθεν τοῦ ναοῦ ἔκβαλε ἔξωθεν留下殿外的院子(不用量) 启11:2 ;ἐκ. εἰς νῖκος τὴν κρίσιν施行公义得胜, 太12:20 (见κρίσιν-SG2920三)。
1544 ekballo {ek-bal'-lo}
from 1537 and 906; TDNT - 1:527,91; v
AV - cast out 45, cast 11, bring forth 3, pull out 3, send forth 3,
misc 17; 82
1) to cast out, drive out, to send out
1a) with notion of violence
1a1) to drive out (cast out)
1a2) to cast out
1a2a) of the world, i.e. be deprived of the power and
influence he exercises in the world
1a2b) a thing: excrement from the belly into the sink
1a3) to expel a person from a society: to banish from a family
1a4) to compel one to depart; to bid one depart, in stern
though not violent language
1a5) so employed that the rapid motion of the one going is
transferred to the one sending forth
1a51) to command or cause one to depart in haste
1a6) to draw out with force, tear out
1a7) with implication of force overcoming opposite force
1a7a) to cause a thing to move straight on its intended goal
1a8) to reject with contempt, to cast off or away
1b) without the notion of violence
1b1) to draw out, extract, one thing inserted in another
1b2) to bring out of, to draw or bring forth
1b3) to except, to leave out, i.e. not receive
1b4) to lead one forth or away somewhere with a force which he
cannot resist

Transliterated: ekballo
Phonetic: ek-bal'-lo

Text: from 1537 and 906; to eject (literally or figuratively):

KJV --bring forth, cast (forth, out), drive (out), expel, leave, pluck (pull, take, thrust) out, put forth (out), send away (forth, out).

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