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5:1 And2532 they came over2064 unto1519 the other side4008 of the sea2281, into1519 the country5561 of the Gadarenes1046.
5:2 And2532 when he0846 was come1831 out of1537 the ship4143, immediately2112 there met0528 him0846 out of1537 the tombs3419 a man0444 with1722 an unclean0169 spirit4151,
5:3 Who3739 had2192 {his} dwelling2731 among1722 the tombs3419; and2532 no man3762 could1410 bind1210 him0846, no, not3777 with chains0254:
5:4 Because1223 that he0846 had been often4178 bound1210 with fetters3976 and2532 chains0254, and2532 the chains0254 had been plucked asunder1288 by5259 him0846, and2532 the fetters3976 broken in pieces4937: neither2532 could2480 any {man} tame1150 him0846-3762.
5:5 And2532 always1275, night3571 and2532 day2250, he was2258 in1722 the mountains3735, and2532 in1722 the tombs3418, crying2896, and2532 cutting2629 himself1438 with stones3037.
5:6 But1161 when he saw1492 Jesus2424 afar off0575-3113, he ran5143 and2532 worshipped4352 him0846,
5:7 And2532 cried2896 with a loud3173 voice5456, and said2036, What5101 have I1698 to do2532 with thee4671, Jesus2424, {thou} Son5207 of the most high5310 God2316? I adjure3726 thee4571 by God2316, that thou torment0928 me3165 not3361.
5:8 For1063 he said3004 unto him0846, Come1831 out of1537 the man0444, {thou} unclean0169 spirit4151.
5:9 And2532 he asked1905 him0846, What5101 {is} thy4671 name3686? And2532 he answered0611, saying3004, My3427 name3686 {is} Legion3003: for3754 we are2070 many4183.
5:10 And2532 he besought3870 him0846 much4183 that3363 he would0649 not3363 send0649 them0846 away0649 out of1854 the country5561.
5:11 Now1161 there was2258 there1563 nigh4314 unto the mountains3735 a great3173 herd0034 of swine5519 feeding1006.
5:12 And2532 all3956 the devils1142 besought3870 him0846, saying3004, Send3992 us2248 into1519 the swine5519, that2443 we may enter1525 into1519 them0846.
5:13 And2532 forthwith2112 Jesus2424 gave2010 them0846 leave2010. And2532 the unclean0169 spirits4151 went out1831, and entered1525 into1519 the swine5519: and2532 the herd0034 ran3729 violently down2596 a steep place2911 into1519 the sea2281-1161, (they were2258 about5613 two thousand1367;) and2532 were choked4155 in1722 the sea2281.
5:14 And1161 they that fed1006 the swine5519 fled5343, and2532 told0312 {it} in1519 the city4172, and2532 in1519 the country0068. And2532 they went out1831 to see1492 what5101 it was2076 that was done1096.
5:15 And2532 they come2064 to4314 Jesus2424, and2532 see2334 him that was possessed with the devil1139, and had2192 the legion3003, sitting2521, and2532 clothed2439, and2532 in his right mind4993: and2532 they were afraid5399.
5:16 And2532 they that saw1492 {it} told1334 them0846 how4459 it befell1096 to him that was possessed with the devil1139, and2532 {also} concerning4012 the swine5519.
5:17 And2532 they began0756 to pray3870 him0846 to depart0565 out of0575 their0846 coasts3725.
5:18 And2532 when he0846 was come1684 into1519 the ship4143, he that had been possessed with the devil1139 prayed3870 him0846 that2443 he might be5600 with3326 him0846.
5:19 Howbeit1161 Jesus2424 suffered0863 him0846 not3756, but0235 saith3004 unto him0846, Go5217 home1519-3624-4675 to4314 thy friends4674, and2532 tell0312 them0846 how great things3745 the Lord2962 hath done4160 for thee4671, and2532 hath had compassion1653 on thee4571.
5:20 And2532 he departed0565, and2532 began0756 to publish2784 in1722 Decapolis1179 how great things3745 Jesus2424 had done4160 for him0846: and2532 all3956 {men} did marvel2296.
5:21 And2532 when Jesus2424 was passed over1276 again3825 by1722 ship4143 unto1519 the other side4008, much4183 people3793 gathered4863 unto1909 him0846: and2532 he was2258 nigh3844 unto the sea2281.
5:22 And2532, behold2400, there cometh2064 one1520 of the rulers of the synagogue0752, Jairus2383 by name3686; and2532 when he saw1492 him0846, he fell4098 at4314 his0846 feet4228,
5:23 And2532 besought3870 him0846 greatly4183, saying3004-3754, My3450 little daughter2365 lieth2079 at the point of death2192: {I pray thee}, come2064 and2443 lay2007 thy hands5495 on her0846, that3704 she may be healed4982; and2532 she shall live2198.
5:24 And2532 {Jesus} went0565 with3326 him0846; and2532 much4183 people3793 followed0190 him0846, and2532 thronged4918 him0846.
5:25 And2532 a certain5100 woman1135, which had an1722 issue4511 of blood0129-5607 twelve1427 years2094,
5:26 And2532 had suffered3958 many things4183 of5259 many4183 physicians2395, and2532 had spent1159 all3956 that she1438 had3844, and2532 was5623 nothing3367 bettered5623, but0235 rather3123 grew2064 worse1519-5501,
5:27 When she had heard0191 of4012 Jesus2424, came2064 in1722 the press3793 behind3693, and touched0680 his0846 garment2440.
5:28 For1063 she said3004, If3754-2579 I may touch0680 but2579 his0846 clothes2440, I shall be whole4982.
5:29 And2532 straightway2112 the fountain4077 of her0846 blood0129 was dried up3583; and2532 she felt1097 in {her} body4983 that3754 she was healed2390 of0575 that plague3148.
5:30 And2532 Jesus2424, immediately2112 knowing1921 in1722 himself1438 that virtue1411 had gone1831 out of1537 him0846, turned him about1994 in1722 the press3793, and said3004, Who5101 touched0680 my3450 clothes2440?
5:31 And2532 his0846 disciples3101 said3004 unto him0846, Thou seest0991 the multitude3793 thronging4918 thee4571, and2532 sayest thou3004, Who5101 touched0680 me3450?
5:32 And2532 he looked round about4017 to see1492 her that had done4160 this thing5124.
5:33 But1161 the woman1135 fearing5399 and2532 trembling5141, knowing1492 what3739 was done1096 in1909 her0846, came2064 and2532 fell down before4363 him0846, and2532 told2036 him0846 all3956 the truth0225.
5:34 And1161 he said2036 unto her0846, Daughter2364, thy4675 faith4102 hath made4982 thee4571 whole4982; go5217 in1519 peace1515, and2532 be2468 whole5199 of0575 thy4675 plague3148.
5:35 While2089 he0846 yet2089 spake2980, there came2064 from0575 the ruler of the synagogue's0752 {house certain} which said3004-3754, Thy4675 daughter2364 is dead0599: why5101 troublest thou4660 the Master1320 any further2089?
5:36 As soon as1161-2112 Jesus2424 heard0191 the word3056 that was spoken2980, he saith3004 unto the ruler of the synagogue0752, Be5399 not3361 afraid5399, only3440 believe4100.
5:37 And2532 he suffered0863-3756 no man3762 to follow4870 him0846, save1508 Peter4074, and2532 James2385, and2532 John2491 the brother0080 of James2385.
5:38 And2532 he cometh2064 to1519 the house3624 of the ruler of the synagogue0752, and2532 seeth2334 the tumult2351, and them that wept2799 and2532 wailed0214 greatly4183.
5:39 And2532 when he was come in1525, he saith3004 unto them0846, Why5101 make ye this ado2350, and2532 weep2799? the damsel3813 is0599 not3756 dead0599, but0235 sleepeth2518.
5:40 And2532 they laughed2606 him0846 to scorn2606. But1161 when he had put1544 them all0537 out1544, he taketh3880 the father3962 and2532 the mother3384 of the damsel3813, and2532 them that were with3326 him0846, and2532 entereth in1531 where3699 the damsel3813 was2258 lying0345.
5:41 And2532 he took2902 the damsel3813 by the hand5495, and said3004 unto her0846, Talitha5008 cumi2891; which3739 is2076, being interpreted3177, Damsel2877, I say3004 unto thee4671, arise1453.
5:42 And2532 straightway2112 the damsel2877 arose0450, and2532 walked4043; for1063 she was2258 {of the age} of twelve1427 years2094. And2532 they were astonished1839 with a great3173 astonishment1611.
5:43 And2532 he charged1291 them0846 straitly4183 that2443 no man3367 should know1097 it5124; and2532 commanded2036 that something should be given1325 her0846 to eat5315.

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