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14:1 After1161 two1417 days2250 was2258 {the feast of} the passover3957, and2532 of3326 unleavened bread0106: and2532 the chief priests0749 and2532 the scribes1122 sought2212 how4459 they might take2902 him0846 by1722 craft1388, and put {him} to death0615.
14:2 But1161 they said3004, Not3361 on1722 the feast1859 {day}, lest3379 there be2071 an uproar2351 of the people2992.
14:3 And2532 being0846-5607 in1722 Bethany0963 in1722 the house3614 of Simon4613 the leper3015, as he0846 sat at meat2621, there came2064 a woman1135 having2192 an alabaster box0211 of ointment3464 of spikenard3487-4101 very precious4185; and2532 she brake4937 the box0211, and poured2708 {it} on2596 his0846 head2776.
14:4 And1161 there were2258 some5100 that had indignation0023 within4314 themselves1438, and2532 said3004, Why1519-5101 was1096 this3778 waste0684 of the ointment3464 made1096?
14:5 For1063 it5124 might1410 have been sold4097 for more than1883 three hundred5145 pence1220, and2532 have been given1325 to the poor4434. And2532 they murmured against1690 her0846.
14:6 And1161 Jesus2424 said2036, Let0863 her0846 alone0863; why5101 trouble ye2873-3930 her0846? she hath wrought2038 a good2570 work2041 on1519 me1691.
14:7 For1063 ye have2192 the poor4434 with3326 you1438 always3842, and2532 whensoever3752 ye will2309 ye may1410 do4160 them0846 good2095: but1161 me1691 ye have2192 not3756 always3842.
14:8 She hath done4160 what3739 she3778-0846 could2192: she is come aforehand4301 to anoint3462 my3450 body4983 to1519 the burying1780.
14:9 Verily0281 I say3004 unto you5213, Wheresoever3699-0302 this5124 gospel2098 shall be preached2784 throughout1519 the whole3650 world2889, {this} also2532 that3739 she3778-0846 hath done4160 shall be spoken2980 of for1519 a memorial3422 of her0846.
14:10 And2532 Judas2455 Iscariot2469, one1520 of the twelve1427, went0565 unto4314 the chief priests0749, to2443 betray3860 him0846 unto them0846.
14:11 And1161 when they heard0191 {it}, they were glad5463, and2532 promised1861 to give1325 him0846 money0694. And2532 he sought2212 how4459 he might conveniently2122 betray3860 him0846.
14:12 And2532 the first4413 day2250 of unleavened bread0106, when3753 they killed2380 the passover3957, his0846 disciples3101 said3004 unto him0846, Where4226 wilt thou2309 that we go0565 and prepare2090 that2443 thou mayest eat5315 the passover3957?
14:13 And2532 he sendeth forth0649 two1417 of his0846 disciples3101, and2532 saith3004 unto them0846, Go ye5217 into1519 the city4172, and2532 there shall meet0528 you5213 a man0444 bearing0941 a pitcher2765 of water5204: follow0190 him0846.
14:14 And2532 wheresoever3699-1437 he shall go in1525, say ye2036 to the goodman of the house3617-3754, The Master1320 saith3004, Where4226 is2076 the guestchamber2646, where3699 I shall eat5315 the passover3957 with3326 my3450 disciples3101?
14:15 And2532 he0846 will shew1166 you5213 a large3173 upper room0508 furnished4766 {and} prepared2092: there1563 make ready2090 for us2254.
14:16 And2532 his0846 disciples3101 went forth1831, and2532 came2064 into1519 the city4172, and2532 found2147 as2531 he had said2036 unto them0846: and2532 they made ready2090 the passover3957.
14:17 And2532 in1096 the evening3798 he cometh2064 with3326 the twelve1427.
14:18 And2532 as they0846 sat0345 and2532 did eat2068, Jesus2424 said2036, Verily0281 I say3004 unto you5213-3754, One1520 of1537 you5216 which3588 eateth2068 with3326 me1700 shall betray3860 me3165.
14:19 And1161 they began0756 to be sorrowful3076, and to2532 say3004 unto him0846 one by one1527-3385, {Is} it I1473? and2532 another0243 {said,}3385{ Is} it I1473?
14:20 And1161 he answered0611 and said2036 unto them0846, {It is} one1520 of1537 the twelve1427, that dippeth1686 with3326 me1700 in1519 the dish5165.
14:21 The Son5207 of man0444 indeed3303 goeth5217, as2531 it is written1125 of4012 him0846: but1161 woe3759 to that1565 man0444 by1223 whom3739 the Son5207 of man0444 is betrayed3860! good2570 were it2258 for that1565 man0444 if1487 he0846 had1080 never3756 been born1080.
14:22 And2532 as they0846 did eat2068, Jesus2424 took2983 bread0740, and blessed2127, and brake2806 {it}, and2532 gave1325 to them0846, and2532 said2036, Take2983, eat5315: this5124 is2076 my3450 body4983.
14:23 And2532 he took2983 the cup4221, and when he had given thanks2168, he gave1325 {it} to them0846: and2532 they all3956 drank4095 of1537 it0846.
14:24 And2532 he said2036 unto them0846, This5124 is2076 my3450 blood0129 of the new2537 testament1242, which3588 is shed1632 for4012 many4183.
14:25 Verily0281 I say3004 unto you5213, I will3364 drink4095 no more3754-3765 of1537 the fruit1081 of the vine0288, until2193 that1565 day2250 that3752 I drink4095 it0846 new2537 in1722 the kingdom0932 of God2316.
14:26 And2532 when they had sung an hymn5214, they went out1831 into1519 the mount3735 of Olives1636.
14:27 And2532 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto them0846-3754, All ye3956 shall be offended4624 because of1722 me1722-1698 this5026 night3571: for3754 it is written1125, I will smite3960 the shepherd4166, and2532 the sheep4263 shall be scattered1287.
14:28 But0235 after3326 that I3165 am risen1453, I will go before4254 you5209 into1519 Galilee1056.
14:29 But1161 Peter4074 said5346 unto him0846, Although2532-1487 all3956 shall be offended4624, yet0235 {will} not3756 I1473.
14:30 And2532 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto him0846, Verily0281 I say3004 unto thee4671, That3754 this day4594, {even} in1722 this5026 night3571, before4250-2228 the cock0220 crow5455 twice1364, thou shalt deny0533 me3165 thrice5151.
14:31 But1161 he spake3004 the more3123 vehemently1537-4053, If1437 I3165 should1163 die with4880 thee4671, I will not3364 deny0533 thee4571 in any wise3364. Likewise5615 also1161-2532 said they3004 all3956.
14:32 And2532 they came2064 to1519 a place5564 which3739 was named3686 Gethsemane1068: and2532 he saith3004 to his0846 disciples3101, Sit ye2523 here5602, while2193 I shall pray4336.
14:33 And2532 he taketh3880 with3326 him1438 Peter4074 and2532 James2385 and2532 John2491, and2532 began0756 to be sore amazed1568, and2532 to be very heavy0085;
14:34 And2532 saith3004 unto them0846, My3450 soul5590 is2076 exceeding sorrowful4036 unto2193 death2288: tarry ye3306 here5602, and2532 watch1127.
14:35 And2532 he went forward4281 a little3397, and fell4098 on1909 the ground1093, and2532 prayed4336 that2443, if1487 it were2076 possible1415, the hour5610 might pass3928 from0575 him0846.
14:36 And2532 he said3004, Abba0005, Father3962, all things3956 {are} possible1415 unto thee4671; take away3911 this5124 cup4221 from0575 me1700: nevertheless0235 not3756 what5101 I1473 will2309, but0235 what5101 thou4771 wilt.
14:37 And2532 he cometh2064, and2532 findeth2147 them0846 sleeping2518, and2532 saith3004 unto Peter4074, Simon4613, sleepest thou2518? couldest2480 not3756 thou watch1127 one3391 hour5610?
14:38 Watch ye1127 and2532 pray4336, lest3363 ye enter1525 into1519 temptation3986. The spirit4151 truly3303 {is} ready4289, but1161 the flesh4561 {is} weak0772.
14:39 And2532 again3825 he went away0565, and prayed4336, and spake2036 the same0846 words3056.
14:40 And2532 when he returned5290, he found2147 them0846 asleep2518 again3825, (for1063 their0846 eyes3788 were2258 heavy0916,) neither2532-3756 wist they1492 what5101 to answer0611 him0846.
14:41 And2532 he cometh2064 the third time5154, and2532 saith3004 unto them0846, Sleep on2518 now3063, and2532 take {your} rest0373: it is enough0566, the hour5610 is come2064; behold2400, the Son5207 of man0444 is betrayed3860 into1519 the hands5495 of sinners0268.
14:42 Rise up1453, let us go0071; lo2400, he that betrayeth3860 me3165 is at hand1448.
14:43 And2532 immediately2112, while he0846 yet2089 spake2980, cometh3854 Judas2455, one1520-5607 of the twelve1427, and2532 with3326 him0846 a great4183 multitude3793 with3326 swords3162 and2532 staves3586, from3844 the chief priests0749 and2532 the scribes1122 and2532 the elders4245.
14:44 And1161 he that betrayed3860 him0846 had given1325 them0846 a token4953, saying3004, Whomsoever3739-0302 I shall kiss5368, that same0846 is he2076; take2902 him0846, and2532 lead {him} away0520 safely0806.
14:45 And2532 as soon as he was come2064, he goeth4334 straightway2112 to him0846, and saith3004, Master4461, master4461; and2532 kissed2705 him0846.
14:46 And1161 they laid1911 their0846 hands5495 on1909 him0846, and2532 took2902 him0846.
14:47 And1161 one5100 of them1520 that stood by3936 drew4685 a sword3162, and smote3817 a servant1401 of the high priest0749, and2532 cut off0851 his0846 ear5621.
14:48 And2532 Jesus2424 answered0611 and said2036 unto them0846, Are ye come out1831, as5613 against1909 a thief3027, with3326 swords3162 and2532 {with} staves3586 to take4815 me3165?
14:49 I was2252 daily2250-2596 with4314 you5209 in1722 the temple2411 teaching1321, and2532 ye took2902 me3165 not3756: but0235 the scriptures1124 must2443 be fulfilled4137.
14:50 And2532 they all3956 forsook0863 him0846, and fled5343.
14:51 And2532 there followed0190 him0846 a1520 certain5100 young man3495, having a linen cloth4616 cast4016 about1909 {his} naked1131 {body}; and2532 the young men3495 laid hold2902 on him0846:
14:52 And1161 he left2641 the linen cloth4616, and fled5343 from0575 them0846 naked1131.
14:53 And2532 they led0520 Jesus2424 away0520 to4314 the high priest0749: and2532 with him0846 were assembled4905 all3956 the chief priests0749 and2532 the elders4245 and2532 the scribes1122.
14:54 And2532 Peter4074 followed0190 him0846 afar3113 off0575, even2193 into2080-1519 the palace0833 of the high priest0749: and2532 he sat2258-4775 with3326 the servants5257, and2532 warmed himself2328 at4314 the fire5457.
14:55 And1161 the chief priests0749 and2532 all3650 the council4892 sought2212 for witness3141 against2596 Jesus2424 to1519 put2289 him0846 to death2289; and2532 found2147 none3756.
14:56 For1063 many4183 bare false witness5576 against2596 him0846, but2532 their witness3141 agreed2258 not2470-3756 together2258.
14:57 And2532 there arose0450 certain5100, and bare false witness5576 against2596 him0846, saying3004,
14:58 3754We2249 heard0191 him0846 say3004-3754, I1473 will destroy2647 this5126 temple3485 that is made with hands5499, and2532 within1223 three5140 days2250 I will build3618 another0243 made without hands0886.
14:59 But2532 neither3761 so3779 did2470 their0846 witness3141 agree together2258-2470.
14:60 And2532 the high priest0749 stood up0450 in1519 the midst3319, and asked1905 Jesus2424, saying3004, Answerest3756 thou0611 nothing3762? what5101 {is it which} these3778 witness2649 against thee4675?
14:61 But1161 he held his peace4623, and2532 answered0611 nothing3762. Again3825 the high priest0749 asked1905 him0846, and2532 said3004 unto him0846, Art1488 thou4771 the Christ5547, the Son5207 of the Blessed2128?
14:62 And1161 Jesus2424 said2036, I1473 am1510: and2532 ye shall see3700 the Son5207 of man0444 sitting2521 on1537 the right hand1188 of power1411, and2532 coming2064 in3326 the clouds3507 of heaven3772.
14:63 Then1161 the high priest0749 rent1284 his0846 clothes5509, and saith3004, What5101 need5532 we2192 any further2089 witnesses3144?
14:64 Ye have heard0191 the blasphemy0988: what5101 think5316 ye5213? And1161 they all3956 condemned2632 him0846 to be1511 guilty1777 of death2288.
14:65 And2532 some5100 began0756 to spit1716 on him0846, and2532 to cover4028 his0846 face4383, and2532 to buffet2852 him0846, and2532 to say3004 unto him0846, Prophesy4395: and2532 the servants5257 did strike0906 him0846 with the palms of their hands4475.
14:66 And2532 as Peter4074 was5607 beneath2736 in1722 the palace0833, there cometh2064 one3391 of the maids3814 of the high priest0749:
14:67 And2532 when she saw1492 Peter4074 warming himself2328, she looked1689 upon him0846, and said3004, And2532 thou4771 also2532 wast2258 with3326 Jesus2424 of Nazareth3479.
14:68 But1161 he denied0720, saying3004, I know1492 not3756, neither3761 understand I1987 what5101 thou4771 sayest3004. And2532 he went1831 out1854 into1519 the porch4259; and2532 the cock0220 crew5455.
14:69 And2532 a maid3814 saw1492 him0846 again3825, and began0756 to say3004 to them that stood by3936, This3754-3778 is2076 {one} of1537 them0846.
14:70 And1161 he denied it0720 again3825. And2532 a little3397 after3326, they that stood by3936 said3004 again3825 to Peter4074, Surely0230 thou art1488 {one} of1537 them0846: for2532-1063 thou art1488 a Galilaean1057, and2532 thy4675 speech2981 agreeth3662 {thereto}.
14:71 But1161 he began0756 to curse0332 and2532 to swear3660, {saying}, I know3754-1492 not3756 this5126 man0444 of whom3739 ye speak3004.
14:72 And2532 the1537 second time1208 the cock0220 crew5455. And2532 Peter4074 called to mind0363 the word4487 that3739 Jesus2424 said2036 unto him0846-3754, Before4250 the cock0220 crow5455 twice1364, thou shalt deny0533 me3165 thrice5151. And2532 when he thought thereon1911, he wept2799.

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