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1:1 The beginning0746 of the gospel2098 of Jesus2424 Christ5547, the Son5207 of God2316;
1:2 As5613 it is written1125 in1722 the prophets4396, Behold2400, I1473 send0649 my3450 messenger0032 before4253 thy4675 face4383, which3739 shall prepare2680 thy4675 way3598 before1715 thee4675.
1:3 The voice5456 of one crying0994 in1722 the wilderness2048, Prepare ye2090 the way3598 of the Lord2962, make4160 his0846 paths5147 straight2117.
1:4 John2491 did1096 baptize0907 in1722 the wilderness2048, and2532 preach2784 the baptism0908 of repentance3341 for1519 the remission0859 of sins0266.
1:5 And2532 there went out1607 unto4314 him0846 all3956 the land5561 of Judaea2449, and2532 they of Jerusalem2415, and2532 were0907 all3956 baptized0907 of5259 him0846 in1722 the river4215 of Jordan2446, confessing1843 their0846 sins0266.
1:6 And1161 John2491 was2258 clothed1746 with camel's2574 hair2359, and2532 with a girdle2223 of a skin1193 about4012 his0846 loins3751; and2532 he did eat2068 locusts0200 and2532 wild0066 honey3192;
1:7 And2532 preached2784, saying3004, There cometh2064 one mightier than2478 I3450 after3694 me3450, the latchet2438 of whose3739 shoes0846-5266 I am1510 not3756 worthy2425 to stoop down2955 and unloose3089.
1:8 I1473 indeed3303 have baptized0907 you5209 with1722 water5204: but1161 he0846 shall baptize0907 you5209 with1722 the Holy0040 Ghost4151.
1:9 And2532 it came to pass1096 in1722 those1565 days2250, that Jesus2424 came2064 from0575 Nazareth3478 of Galilee1056, and2532 was baptized0907 of5259 John2491 in1519 Jordan2446.
1:10 And2532 straightway2112 coming up0305 out of0575 the water5204, he saw1492 the heavens3772 opened4977, and2532 the Spirit4151 like5616 a dove4058 descending2597 upon1909 him0846:
1:11 And2532 there came1096 a voice5456 from1537 heaven3772, {saying}, Thou4771 art1488 my3450 beloved0027 Son5207, in1722 whom3739 I am well pleased2106.
1:12 And2532 immediately2117 the Spirit4151 driveth1544 him0846 into1519 the wilderness2048.
1:13 And2532 he was2258 there1563 in1722 the wilderness2048 forty5062 days2250, tempted3985 of5259 Satan4567; and2532 was2258 with3326 the wild beasts2342; and2532 the angels0032 ministered1247 unto him0846.
1:14 Now1161 after3326 that John2491 was put in prison3860, Jesus2424 came2064 into1519 Galilee1056, preaching2784 the gospel2098 of the kingdom0932 of God2316,
1:15 And2532 saying3004-3754, The time2540 is fulfilled4137, and2532 the kingdom0932 of God2316 is at hand1448: repent ye3340, and2532 believe4100-1722 the gospel2098.
1:16 Now1161 as he walked4043 by3844 the sea2281 of Galilee1056, he saw1492 Simon4613 and2532 Andrew0406 his0846 brother0080 casting0906 a net0293 into1722 the sea2281: for1063 they were2258 fishers0231.
1:17 And2532 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them0846, Come ye1205 after3694 me3450, and2532 I will make4160 you5209 to become1096 fishers0231 of men0444.
1:18 And2532 straightway2112 they forsook0863 their0846 nets1350, and followed0190 him0846.
1:19 And2532 when he had gone4260 a little3641 further4260 thence1564, he saw1492 James2385 the {son}3588 of Zebedee2199, and2532 John2491 his0846 brother0080, who0846 also2532 were in1722 the ship4143 mending2675 their nets1350.
1:20 And2532 straightway2112 he called2564 them0846: and2532 they left0863 their0846 father3962 Zebedee2199 in1722 the ship4143 with3326 the hired servants3411, and went0565 after3694 him0846.
1:21 And2532 they went1531 into1519 Capernaum2584; and2532 straightway2112 on the sabbath day4521 he entered1525 into1519 the synagogue4864, and taught1321.
1:22 And2532 they were astonished1605 at1909 his0846 doctrine1322: for1063 he taught1321-2258 them0846 as5613 one that had2192 authority1849, and2532 not3756 as5613 the scribes1122.
1:23 And2532 there was2258 in1722 their0846 synagogue4864 a man0444 with1722 an unclean0169 spirit4151; and2532 he cried out0349,
1:24 Saying3004, Let {us} alone1436; what5101 have we2254 to do2532 with thee4671, thou Jesus2424 of Nazareth3479? art thou come2064 to destroy0622 us2248? I know1492 thee4571 who5101 thou art1488, the Holy One0040 of God2316.
1:25 And2532 Jesus2424 rebuked2008 him0846, saying3004, Hold thy peace5392, and2532 come1831 out of1537 him0846.
1:26 And2532 when the unclean0169 spirit4151 had torn4682 him0846, and2532 cried2896 with a loud3173 voice5456, he came1831 out of1537 him0846.
1:27 And2532 they were2284 all3956 amazed2284, insomuch that5620 they questioned4802 among4314 themselves0846, saying3004, What thing5101 is2076 this3778? what5101 new2537 doctrine1322 {is} this5124? for3754 with2596 authority1849 commandeth2004 he even2532 the unclean0169 spirits4151, and2532 they do obey5219 him0846.
1:28 And1161 immediately2117 his0846 fame0189 spread abroad1831 throughout1519 all3650 the region round about4066 Galilee1056.
1:29 And2532 forthwith2112, when they were come1831 out of1537 the synagogue4864, they entered2064 into1519 the house3614 of Simon4613 and2532 Andrew0406, with3326 James2385 and2532 John2491.
1:30 But1161 Simon's4613 wife's mother3994 lay2621 sick of a fever4445, and2532 anon2112 they tell3004 him0846 of4012 her0846.
1:31 And2532 he came4334 and took2902 her0846 by the hand5495, and lifted1453 her0846 up1453; and2532 immediately2112 the fever4446 left0863 her0846, and2532 she ministered1247 unto them0846.
1:32 And1161 at1096 even3798, when3753 the sun2246 did set1416, they brought5342 unto4314 him0846 all3956 that were2192 diseased2560, and2532 them that were possessed with devils1139.
1:33 And2532 all3650 the city4172 was2258 gathered together1996 at4314 the door2374.
1:34 And2532 he healed2323 many4183 that were2192 sick2560 of divers4164 diseases3554, and2532 cast out1544 many4183 devils1140; and2532 suffered0863 not3756 the devils1140 to speak2980, because3754 they knew1492 him0846.
1:35 And2532 in the morning4404, rising up0450 a great while3029 before day1773, he went out1831, and2532 departed0565 into1519 a solitary2048 place5117, and there2546 prayed4336.
1:36 And2532 Simon4613 and2532 they that were with3326 him0846 followed after2614 him0846.
1:37 And2532 when they had found2147 him0846, they said3004 unto him0846-3754, All3956 {men} seek2212 for thee4571.
1:38 And2532 he said3004 unto them0846, Let us go0071 into1519 the next2192 towns2969, that2443 I may preach2784 there also2546: for1063 therefore1519-5124 came I forth1831.
1:39 And2532 he preached2784-2258 in1722 their0846 synagogues4864 throughout1519 all3650 Galilee1056, and2532 cast out1544 devils1140.
1:40 And2532 there came2064 a leper3015 to4314 him0846, beseeching3870 him0846, and2532 kneeling down1120 to him0846, and2532 saying3004 unto him0846-3754, If1437 thou wilt2309, thou canst1410 make2511 me3165 clean2511.
1:41 And1161 Jesus2424, moved with compassion4697, put forth1614 {his} hand5495, and touched0680 him0846, and2532 saith3004 unto him0846, I will2309; be thou clean2511.
1:42 And2532 as soon as he0846 had spoken2036, immediately2112 the leprosy3014 departed0565 from0575 him0846, and2532 he was cleansed2511.
1:43 And2532 he straitly charged1690 him0846, and forthwith2112 sent1544 him0846 away1544;
1:44 And2532 saith3004 unto him0846, See3708 thou say2036 nothing3367 to any man3367: but0235 go thy way5217, shew1166 thyself4572 to the priest2409, and2532 offer4374 for4012 thy4675 cleansing2512 those things3739 which Moses3475 commanded4367, for1519 a testimony3142 unto them0846.
1:45 But1161 he went out1831, and began0756 to publish2784 {it} much4183, and2532 to blaze abroad1310 the matter3056, insomuch that5620 Jesus0846 could1410 no more3371 openly5320 enter1525 into1519 the city4172, but0235 was2258 without1854 in1722 desert2048 places5117: and2532 they came2064 to4314 him0846 from every quarter3836.

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